Fields of Activity

The mission of the Social and Migration Studies Lab is:

To cover, at undergraduate and postgraduate level, the teaching and research needs of the departments of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, as well as other departments of the University, on topics that fall within the cognitive objects of the laboratory

To conduct research in the fields of knowledge of the laboratory

To promote research, cooperation and exchange of scientific knowledge with other laboratories of the Foundation, as well as with laboratories of academic institutions and research institutions in Greece or abroad, provided that the scientific objectives coincide and complement those of the laboratory

To cooperate with public sector bodies, local authorities, scientific and social institutions as well as with international organisations and organisations, contributing to the study, submission of proposals and alternative/innovative methods of dealing with issues of the Laboratory's research interests

To produce up-to-date pedagogical and research material in printed and electronic form, such as the publication of articles, journals, books and edited volumes

To organise seminars, workshops, symposia, conferences, lectures and other scientific events, as well as the invitation of scientists of recognised prestige from Greece and abroad

To produce knowledge that can be transformed into services and products that can be used by public and private entities

To undertake research, training and development projects, actions and studies by public or private bodies

To provide services in accordance with the provisions of Decree 159/1984 (Government Gazette 53/TA'/27-41984): 'Conditions for the provision of services by university laboratories to private individuals and organisations of any legal form'

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Official Gazette of Establishment of the Laboratory (in Greek)